Chatbot AI

Team Chatbot AI is developing a chatbot game about a witch trial that uses machine learning as a tool for narrative design. We want to explore how AI generation can be used in creating a complete narrative experience. In our game, the player will primarily interact by having typed one-on-one conversations with a cast of characters powered by GPT-3. Through these interview-style conversations, the player will eventually uncover the mystery in a small New England town and help decide its fate.

Project Instructor: Dave Culyba, Brenda Harger

Team Members:  Charlie Agriogianis, Amber Griffith, Dmitry Portnoy, Anna Salieva, Jingyu Zhuang

Download the game Hysteria in Howlsbend

Read the story about the project on CMU’s new site:

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219