CivRep will prototype a multiplayer transformational roleplaying game module as part of a larger civic learning game project, CivWiz.
CivWiz is a civic learning game currently being developed at the University of Pittsburgh , hosted by our client, Ron Idoko. The CivWiz project is designed to support Pitt educators and undergraduate students across academic disciplines to expand their civic knowledge, and cultural competency. CivWiz will include three modules; word scramble, trivia, and role play.
CivRep’s goal is to empower players to understand and believe that they can indeed make an impact on their communities through civic engagement. We will create a playable prototype of the roleplaying module on AirConsole that can then be passed on to the CivWiz team to help guide the development of the roleplaying activity in the CivWiz application.

Project Instructors; Dave Culyba, John  Dessler

Team Members: Simon He, Martin Ke, Jeesub Lee, Annie Huang, Yuji Sato

  • Tianrun Ke

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