The Condors are a semester long team at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). We have been tasked with pioneering and prototyping a new way to enjoy the game of basketball; capturing the essence of basketball and re-imagining it in an easily accessible way.

We are working in conjunction with Visual Concepts, the studio responsible for NBA 2K, the world’s best basketball simulation game franchise. Through NBA 2K, Visual Concepts has already explored a variety of different game modes including head-to-head, story-based, card collecting, and more. Thus, we will be pitching our new ideas to them, and prototyping the selected designs with the possibility of our game fitting into “The Neighborhood” game mode of 2K.

Project Team: Omar Cheikh-Ali, Swapnil Mengade, Healthy Moeung, Julian Ochoa, Mimi (Xinyu) Wang, Sally (Xuejun) Wang

Project Instructors: Tom Corbett, Chris Klug

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