Danceology utilizes Machine Learning to help people who are unfamiliar with dance develop an understanding and appreciation of the art form by doing it themselves in the comfort of their own homes. For this project, we are working with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, one of the nation’s preeminent modern dance institutions. Using their extensive knowledge and historical context of dance, we aim to construct an experience that enables non-dancers to comprehend the invisible energy and forces at critical moments in Paul Taylor’s iconic back exercise. Using 3D environment design and visual effects, we can actualize the imagery in the dancer’s mind to aid our target audience in understanding this unique piece. We hope this project can reach a broad audience and increase dance literacy and accessibility.

Project Instructor: Shirley Saldamarco, Ricardo Washington

Team Members: Eui Hyun (Christine) Jung, Xiaoying Meng, Jiacheng (Jason) Qiu, Yiming Xiao, Xueying (Sherine) Yang, Angela Zhang


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