Have you ever been tired of dry and inflexible peer review? Have you ever doubted your work when receiving unhelpful feedback? Have you ever felt detached from the learning community due to a lack of critique? Students who participate in project-based learning encounter all of these pitfalls.

Team DisCo aims to explore the problem space in the current peer feedback process and discover possible interventions with three design questions:
(1) How might we build a culture where peer feedback is fostered, welcomed, and valued?
(2) How might we train students to practice constructive peer feedback processes?
(3) How might we associate synchronous and asynchronous feedback to facilitate collaborative attention?

This project will be focusing on UX research, design, and prototyping with instruction from Jessica Hammer and support from the Center of Transformational Play (CTP). It also serves as a pre-production phase for future work on peer feedback.

Project Instructor: Jessica Hammer

Team Members: Muru Chen, Sarah Kim, Yunqi (Fanya) Li, Hua (Constanza) Tong, Xiaoying (Alexa) Wang, Penghua Zhou

Project Video

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