Emotionshop is a project that aims to develop broad principles for gameplay techniques which evoke emotions. Every week, the team will come out with individual prototypes centered on a single emotion, analyze each prototype’s effectiveness through playtesting and feedback, and identify principles underlying the successful techniques.  We will explore a wide spectrum of emotions using only the simplest of art and sound, so as to focus on the role of game mechanics in eliciting emotions. At the end of the project, the team will deliver a report with the consolidation of our findings, along with at least 50 prototypes presented on a website.

Project Instructors:  Heather Kelley, Jess Hammer

Team Members:  Yu-Cheng (Larry) Chang, Joseph Chia Hon Chiang, Zhi Xin (Melody) Lee, Qiachu (Mac) Li, Rahul Nagarkar

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