HAI is a project that creates a dual-agent cooperation game to support the research on Human/AI collaboration dynamics in the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC). The team mainly focuses on asymmetrical gameplay where two agents are given different interactions/information to achieve a common goal. It allows both human and AI to act as each agent. The project wants to create an environment where researchers can easily compare the Human/AI team with the Human/Human team and the AI/AI team, through fun, engaging and strategic gameplay. Embedded game metrics will also be employed as a research data source.

Our client is Timothy Verstynen and Michael Tarr, Assistant Professor and Professor at CMU Department of Phycology.

Project Instructors: Mike Christel

Team Members:  Yu’an (Aiden) Tan, Hua (Constanza) Tong, Ruizi (Cherry) Wang, Angela Zhang

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