Team infinitE (inˈfinitē) is the first of four teams who will work with Elizabeth Forward Middle School to create an interactive Energy Lab through the generous support of Chevron. Elizabeth Forward School District is at the forefront of the education field and has been the pioneer of many forward-thinking projects. As part of the League of Innovative Schools, the Elizabeth Forward School District emphasizes the importance of interactive learning throughout its curriculum.
Team infinitE’s challenge is to begin creating the Energy Lab, an interactive learning environment that in no way resembles a classroom. Classes participating in the lab will be divided into teams and each team will be given its own world. Teams must harness energy from the Energy Lab to provide power to their worlds. Self-guided learning will be encouraged through an integrated forum in which students can post related articles or videos to increase the effectiveness of energy on their planet. The goal is for students to learn about different types of energy and ultimately to learn that their decisions and contributions to the energy landscape will greatly impact the world they live in.

Project instructors: Scott Stevens and Shirley Saldamarco

Project Members: Jimit Bhalani, Lisa Elkin, Casey Ging, Adarsh Pavani, Juan Ramirez

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