Locanimals began with an idea: a creature-collection game set in the real world. A game you could play as you went about your daily life, where your own journey becomes your creatures’ journey.
Inspired by this idea, we joined together and formed a student pitch project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center.
Our goal is to create a playable prototype of Locanimals, a location-based mobile game that will allow players to collect, nurture, and battle creatures as they go about their daily life in the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. The semester will be spent developing a “vertical slice”, AKA the core systems of the game: check-ins, collecting, and battling… along with concepting several Locanimals.

Halfway through the semester we plan to open our game up to the ETC for multiple playtests to gather feedback. From there, we plan to continue finessing and developing our game into something we and our players would be happy to play every day.

Project Instructor: Drew Davidson

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219