Molten Corps

Molten Corps is a team project that aims towards creating realistic and historically accurate experiences using Augmented Reality technology. We strive to create impressive visuals that can seamlessly blend into the surroundings and help retell and revive the history and narrative of the space. Our deliverable is solely a functional AR experience and tool for our clients to use for their own historical needs.
For this project, we are working with the people that manage and run the Carrie Blast Furnace and the tours that are held there. They require our work and expertise to provide AR visuals that will help bring the facility back to life and illustrate to guests the routines of all the workers that once occupied and used the space.
Team Molten Corps promises to deliver high quality and functional experiences to our clients.

Project Instructors: Moshe Mahler, Scott Stevens

Project Members: Tianyi Cao, Shuxing Li, David Morales, Sheenu You, Yu (Eric) Zhi

  • Tianyi Cao
  • Shuxing Li
  • David Morales
  • Sheenu You

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