Moonlanders is a team of six ETC students collaborating with the Moonshot Museum to create three design prototypes for new interactive exhibits. The Moonshot Museum is a new Pittsburgh space museum dedicated to career and community readiness for the space industry of today and tomorrow. In partnership with Astrobotic, the Moonshot Museum offers visitors an unprecedented opportunity to get up close and behind the scenes of the 21st century space industry.

We will design experiences that build on current Moonshot Museum exhibits and enable guests to learn more about the exciting possibilities of space travel and exploration. Our goal is to explore and document potential exhibit designs for the Moonshot Museum to develop and build in the future. These prototypes are intended to enhance the theater, clean room, and art zone or family room experience with a focus on highly interactive learning exhibits.

Project Instructor: Shirley Saldmarco, Scott Stevens

  • Anthony Renouf
  • Derek Williams
  • Caiyu Zhang

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219