Project Olympia will be working on a VR experience for their client EA Maxis during the 2019 spring semester. Their deliverable is a game that takes inspiration from a Maxis title, and that also plays with giving guests god-like powers and unique forms of environmental control. The team will be making a sandbox experience with a focus on creature evolutions and behavior simulations. The project will also require some technically rigorous work including exploration into soft body physics and spring joints. The goal is for guests to be able to mold the virtual world around them in tactile ways and form new creatures through juicy, engaging interactions.

Project team: Yuki (Sixue) Cheng, Yvette (Yanran) Han, Maria Jose, Charley (Ruochen) Li, Ketul Majmudar, Rachel Rodgers

Project Instructors: Carl Rosendahl, Melanie Lam

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