We are Team ProtoChamp, a cross-disciplinary team of students from Carnegie Mellon University studying at the Entertainment Technology Center. We are on a discovery project for “exergaming”, which is about combining traditional exercise experience with gaming technology.

For this project we will start by taking a traditional exercise bike platform and explore new media experiences geared towards gamers. To do this, we will purchase or create a custom hardware solution to obtain bike speed, resistance, directionality, and more. This project will focus primarily on iterative content creation and designing engaging paradigms for exergaming.

Project Instructors: Ricardo Washington, Mo Mahler, Heather Kelley

  • I-Tung Chiang
  • Xin (Simon) He
  • Boyuan(Michael) Lu
  • Stefani Taskas
  • Chuhan (Aubrey) Wu
  • Ryan (Ran) Zhang

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219