Team Puppamatics is an ETC project team that seamlessly merges puppetry with digital tools to aid the creative process for 4th and 5th graders. This tool visualizes the scaling and measuring involved in puppet creation. Our client, Lou Karus,  Director of the Center for Arts and Education at West Liberty University, will guide us throughout the semester.

This project will be actively integrated into West Liberty’s puppet-making workshops. As our project unfolds, it will be tested and refined in the Pittsburgh area and West Virginia classrooms, engaging young minds in the technical process of bringing their puppetry creations to life.

Team Puppamatics envisions a project that not only assists in the technical aspects of puppet creation but also nurtures the hands-on, imaginative journey of each child.

Project Instructor: Ruth Comley
Team Members: Rui-Ting (Eva) Chang, Zitong (Jasmine) Chen, Hongcheng (Lawrence) Luo, Randi Ouyang, Samantha Trimboli, Sarah Wille

  • Rui-Ting (Eva) Chang
  • Hongcheng (Lawrence) Luo

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