QuestMakers is a seven-person team working on a level design production project that focuses on creating a fun and playable AAA quality third-person action-adventure game level following an industry-driven process and pipeline under the guidance of a subject matter expert from the industry.

It aims to showcase the talents of our team in creating a unique level consisting of high-quality work and the ability to work in a simulated AAA environment.

Project Instructors: Ruth Comley, Ricardo Washington

Team Members: Jinyi Dai, Louise He, Jianyi (Henry) Lin, Rushil SojitraMingzhou (Mike) XuTingyu (Polly) YanXun Zhang

  • Jinyi Dai
  • Tianyi Lin
  • Rushil Sojitra
  • Mingzhou Xu
  • Xun Zhang

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219