Team Questure is a diverse team of six graduate students from CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center. The team aims to develop an educational video game that teaches sign language through entertaining and engaging experiences. The team leverages Google MediaPipe tracking technology and machine learning for gesture detection and recognition to capture players’ hand gestures as game inputs.

In collaboration with Jonathan Tsay, a researcher with a background in theoretical mathematics, physical rehabilitation, and cognitive neuroscience, the game’s foundational structure and learning curves are effectively shaped. The project is designed to make learning American Sign Language (ASL) fun and interactive. Instead of traditional classroom methods, it invites learners to dive into role-play and problem-solving. This approach makes learning more enjoyable and memorable, with visual elements that help understand and retain ASL more effectively. The game mixes learning and testing in a playful setting, making ASL easier to grasp and bridging the communication gap with the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Project Instructors: Heather Kelley, Tom Corbett

Team Members: Kailun Deng, Yuchen (Bella) Liu, Zhongwei Ren, Keyin (Quoey) Wu, Zhi-Wei (Tyler) Yang, Xuan (James) Zhai

  • Kailun Deng
  • Bella Liu
  • Zhongwei Ren
  • Zhi-Wei (Tyler) Yang

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