Team Recollection is working on a first-person narrative VR experience about how trauma affects a person’s memory and perception of time. Our mission is to encourage empathy and compassionate behavior towards people with trauma, from those who do not have experience with disoriented memories. Through the nonlinear navigation of memories in virtual reality, the guest will encounter a narrative about a car crash and other events related to the protagonist’s life.

The visual blending of scenes will convey an experience authentic to the disoriented perception of memory, a symptom that some trauma patients have. We are working with a Pittsburgh Veterans Affairs consultant to ensure our game is true to life.

Project Instructors: Chris Klug, Brenda Harger

Team Members: Charlie Agriogianis, Meghna Anil, Kesha BagadiaVedantika Chaudhary, Steven Goehrig, Anna Salieva

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