Over half of all students will have careers that do not yet exist.

The goal of Team STEAMineer is to teach 21st Century Skills through game design by using maker centered education.  Through this goal, we hope to equip students with the skills necessary to adapt to a dynamic and variable future. We will be partnering with the Two Bit Circus Foundation as a subject matter expert.  Two Bit Circus Foundation effectively provides materials that allow for open-ended design by participants. As a team, we hope to integrate technology into the design process to continue to support diverse outcomes. Learning through making is more accessible because it engages multiple senses, appeals to audiences with different interests, and gives agency to students.

Project Instructors: Dave Culyba, Scott Stevens

Project Team: Yifan (Gloria) Deng, Marissa Doerger, Mong-Yah (Max) Hsieh, Xinyu (Mimi) Wang, Pe-Yi (Isabel) Yi, Yingran (Mia) Zhang

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