Theatre ARchive

Theatre ARchive is a collaboration project with the world-renowned La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York City to enhance visitors’ immersive experiences in La MaMa Archive with augmented reality (AR). Established in 1961, La MaMa maintains an environment of uncensored creative freedom for artists. Since the early 1970s, La MaMa Archive has expanded its digital collection of photographs, papers, production footage, show files, and more. In addition to the existing one, our goal is to create a window to the archive and to expand access to its rich artistic heritage through AR interactions and volumetric videos. We will be customizing different interactions for each archive item, including, but not limited to, curation, storytelling, and environmental reconstruction.

Project Instructors: Ralph Vituccio, Moshe Mahler

Team Members; Jingyuan Fang, Shan Jiang, Bokang Wang, Yutian (Ray) Xie, Zongze (Damian) Xie

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219