True North

True North is creating an interactive experience for students at Carnegie Mellon that addresses academic integrity, on and beyond campus life.  In partnership with students and administrators from main campus, the ETC team aims to create a tool for the university to educate and speak to both the practical and moral implications of academic integrity.  Presented in the form of a web-based, illustrated world, the experience gives its user the ability to navigate the story, and make impactful decisions within it.  It creates an environment where students confront true-to-life scenarios involving academic integrity, and reflect on how they would navigate these challenges in real life.

Project Instructors:  Ralph Vituccio Mike Christel

Team Members: Muhammad (Hillman) Beyri, Sarabeth Boak, Ross Houston, Timothy Staton-Davis, Zhangyan (Emily) Zhou

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219