Tuesday Tales

Tuesday Tales is a design team working with Legendary Entertainment to produce a location based game for Carnegie Mellon University’s campus using Legendary’s Spatial Platform.

Given the rise of location based mobile games, our team will work with Legendary to explore the capabilities of Spatial to support these games in a campus environment. This includes the possibilities of connecting these games to social media and designing for a gameplay cycle of proximity, perform, broadcast, and reward.

On top of this experience, we will build analytics in order to understand how, when, and where the players engage with the product. This will give Legendary examples and data to help them demonstrate and build their platform.

Project Instructors: Shirley Yee, Jess Hammer

Project Members: Sijia (Nicky) He, Xiao Bao, Emre Findik, Jinchao Han, Jonathan Ahnert, Matt Stone


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Pittsburgh, PA. 15219




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