Vita Animation

Vita Animation is a team of six students from CMU ETC that is aiming to create an animation film based on a pre-production package titled ‘Waste Not’. ‘Waste Not’ is a three minute long animated film set in the near future that features a non-chronological storytelling style addressing current environmental issues.  A group of scientists takes on the challenge of searching for a cure for the abundance of plastic waste. Their experiments give hope to solving the vital problem of pollution, but it ultimately leads to unexpected results. We aim to use a detailed and realistic art style combined with a strong focus on audio to bring a tragic but beautiful world to life and communicate the tension of the story through dramatic visual contrasts

Project Instructor: John Dessler, Ruth Comley

Team Members: Yu Xi Lee, Zijie (Jason) Lian, Shuozhi Shen, Haoze (Jacky) Sun, Tongzhou (Dennis) Wang, Zhuochen (Ryan) Yuan


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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219