We iteratively design, prototype, and evaluate an immersive virtual gallery with marginalized Pittsburgh artists, which will be physically and virtually centered at the Andy Warhol Museum Pop District. This research and the produced virtual immersive gallery will explore what spaces for art in the metaverse can look like in the future and how communities can enjoy art together across realities by using XR (Extended Reality) technologies. The virtual immersive gallery prototype will be informed by the community-centric vision generated by our research activities with marginalized Pittsburgh artists. Once the overall research study is complete, we will synthesize and publish what we learn as design principles for creating community-centric spaces for art in the metaverse.

Project Instructor: Moshe Mahler

Team Members: Chenguang (Simon) Deng, Jia (Lena) Du, Wenbo (Glendon) Guo, Jiayu He, Haiyun (Yoon) Wu, Tiange Zhou

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