Serious Games Gold Award Winner

Congratulations to the ETC student team True North, their interactive experience, FINE LINE, was just named a Gold Metal Winner at the 2016 International Serious Play Awards!

The game is an interactive experience for students at Carnegie Mellon University, addressing academic integrity, on and beyond campus life.  Presented in the form of a web-based, illustrated world, the experience gives player’s the ability to navigate the story, and make impactful decisions within it. It creates an environment where students confront true-to-life scenarios involving academic integrity, and reflect on how they would navigate these challenges in real life.

3 Minute Promotional Video

In partnership with students in Professor Andy Norman’s morality play course, the team tackled the issue of  an increase in reported cases of cheating, plagiarism and unauthorized assistance from graduate students on campus, primarily from the pool of master’s degree candidates.  In the words of the team’s advisors, “They feel strongly that something needs to be created to address these concerns and help impress on students what ethical integrity means in both academia and their future professional lives.”  The challenge as the ETC project team was to create a true-to-life interactive experience that captures the nuanced decisions that we need in today’s digital world.

Play the game

You can follow the team on their Facebook page.

Congratulations to the True North team: Muhammed (Hilman) Beyri, Sarabeth Boak, Ross Houston, Timothy Staton-Davis, Zhangyan (Emily) Zhou and Faculty Instructors: Ralph Vituccio and Mike Christel.

The Serious Play Conference  is a leadership conference for professionals who embrace the idea that games can revolutionize learning. Speakers, who come from all parts of the globe, share their experience creating or using games in the corporation, classroom, healthcare institution, government and military and offer tips on how to move game-based education programs ahead. In it’s 6th year this year’s Serious Play Conference is July 26-28 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

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