Serious Play Awards Silver Medal Winner

ETC project team Athena has been awarded a Silver Medal at the 2017 International Serious Play Awards.  The team’s game. “Smash” is a single-player iPad game geared to 8-11 year old boys with social and emotional challenges.  The games seeks to encourage problem solving strategies and other enriching elements often absent from games geared towards this age group.

The Athena team created this game during the spring 2016 semester by Kanishk Chhibber(17), Ruchi Dangwal(16), Elaine Fath, Milind Nilekani(17), and Luna (Luqing) Zhang (17).  The project instructor for the team was Shirley Saldamarco.   The client for this project was the Colonial School, who wished for a game to be used during reinforcement time to interweave academic standards.

The Conference on Serious Games will be held on July 18-20 at George Mason University, Science and Technology Campus.  Serious Play is a gathering where creators and learning professionals can have critical conversations about game design requirements and share their knowledge with peers.  The focus of the conference is exploring opportunities, challenges and the potential of game-based learning.

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