Tune Train at GDC Next

Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) alumni Michael Lee (MET ’13), Nate Levin (MET’14), and Assistant Teaching Professor Jiyoung Lee (MET ’06) were on hand to talk about the design of TuneTrain and its impact after launching at this year’s GDC Next Conference.  TuneTrain was one of the 7 apps chosen to pitch at the conference held on November 3-4 in Los Angeles. The pitch was part of the App Developers Conference (ACD) Best in Apps Powered By AppCircus.  ADC participants present their apps to a jury of experienced developers and business leaders for the Mobile Premiere Awards.

TuneTrain was created by the spring 2013 project team Bravura: Michael Lee, Albert Gea (MET ’13), Nathan Levin, Cheng Yang (MET’14), Romain Deciron (MET ’14), Meng Xia (MET’13), and Pei-Lin Lu (MET’13)at the ETC-SV location. The project was a faculty pitched project, sponsored by Jiyoung.  The team built an interactive iPad app that makes music composition easy for children.  Since then the TuneTrain has been released to the public receiving accolades and has been downloaded over 85,000 times.

“It was absolutely a great experience and an honor to compete against teams that have been working on the app for years as start-ups!”, said Jiyoung. The development team plans on continuing development of TuneTrain based on the enthusiastic feedback from GDC Next. TuneTrain is currently available for iPad on the App Store.

About GDC Next
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