Vote for the ETC at CREATE 2015

In the 2015 CREATEFest awards, Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) has student, faculty, spin-offs and alumni projects  in the Entertainment, Film & Digital Media category.  You have a chance to vote for your favorite project in this year’s Entertainment, Film & Digital Media category, by hitting the like button on the Facebook page for your favorite project’s posting.

ETC student team from the fall 2014 BVW festival has An Ant’s Life.  An Ant’s Life is a storytelling world for Oculus Rift and PS Move that combines virtual reality with physical props to immerse the guest in the role of an ant returning to the ant hill in the rain.  Nice work: Aiden Lee, Cheryl-Jean Leo, Jingyi Liu, Eric Tsai and Arim Yoon.


JobQuest was designed and developed by Simcoach Games for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to show middle school students from PA the many different occupations available to them.  JobQuest is a Pokemon-style card game in which players can travel to different cities in PA, complete quests, answer trivia questions and customize their characters.

Schell Games was nominated for The World of Lexica.  This tablet-based game developed by Schell Games and published by Amplify is an action-RPG style experience for young teens that introduces them to an imaginative, book-themed world where literary characters emerge from their stories to accompany them on a new and exciting adventure. Simply put, it’s a video game that encourages young people to read the classics!

And last but not least is the Pittsburgh IGDA + Global Game Jam.  The Global Game Jam is frequently held here at the ETC and many ETC students and alum are part of the the Pittsburgh IGDA.  The Pittsburgh IGDA + Global Game Jam is a showcase of the best games made in 48 hours from the 2015 Pittsburgh Global Game Jam! Over 140 local developers, students, and artists participated in this annual event creating over 30 new and unique games in just two days. From mind-bending word games to crazy cooperative experiences to intense physical workouts the Global Game Jam games pushed both innovation and fun.

CREATE 2015 has 3 days and over 40 events – with parties, art exhibitions, maker workshops, performances,entrepreneur education, an Innovation Salon and, of course, the 2015 CREATEFest awards.

The Creative Industries Network originated in 2008, as the Art + Technology Initiative, to unite and cultivate the creative and technology communities in the Pittsburgh region, and beyond.  Founded on the idea that creativity and technology share the fundamental characteristic of innovation, as well as a synergy at the forefront of cultural progression, the network and its partners are dedicated to discovering the possibilities of this leading-edge fusion.

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