The ETC excels through the diversity of our focus, exploring experience design through interactive entertainment technologies as they are applied across a variety of fields. The ETC R&D agenda encompasses transformational games, innovation by design and interactive storytelling, which makes us an exemplar of CMU’s Ideate Initiative, integrating design, art and technology through interdisciplinary projects focused on learning, health, training, social impact, civics, expressive media, commercial entertainment and more.

With all that we do, it’s a pleasant surprise that we’ve made this year’s Princeton Review rankings of game design programs. At our fifteenth anniversary, it’s a great time to celebrate our diversity. The ETC is one of the premiere professional programs for students interested in the future of innovative experience design, with our graduates getting jobs in the creative industries at game companies, animation houses, visual effect studios, technology companies, location-based design firms as well as starting their own companies inspired by their studies at the ETC.

Even more, we encourage all ETC graduates to make a positive impact on our culture at large, changing the world for the better. With our Transformational Experiences Summit we’re reaffirming the diversity of our focus, and celebrating the full expressive potential of interactive media to impact our lives in meaningful ways. Now, more than ever, the ETC is decidedly different, as we strive to create transformational experiences that educate, engage and inspire.

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