Week 14

After hard working for several weeks, ArchiTek made some progress in the soft opening.

We have out the second and third map sets online, which are about the comparison between two choropleth maps and the comparison between a choropleth and graduate points.

According to feedback:



We get some credits for the interactive experience we offered to guests. The combination of a background story and map design process is also useful to attract players attention.

Making several iteration based on feedback from Kristen, Mike, John, Shirley and Anthony, the UI/UX looks nice as well.

Our product is shippable

We provide clear single experience to guests.



Currently, the feedback is too general to give students specific ideas on  how to improve their skills.

We need to add more options to second map set.

According to Pro. Kurland’s opinion, we need to polish the colors in the first map set.

Some detail in the story cut scenes need to be polished. (suck energy harmlessly and the red cross)


We got credits from soft through hard work, but we still need to keep polishing our project after soft so that we could show the best side of our project in the showcase.

Well done and good luck!