Week 13

Working hard through this week, generally team ArchiTek is keeping iterating and polishing the project.

Here is our URL: architek.etc.cmu.edu/

In detail:
We met with John on Monday morning and designed a 
questionnaire for him.
John gave us some suggestions:
We'd better unify the style of navigation buttons
Adding feedback such as audio or visual elements 
can be helpful, but it
doesn't have to be audio.
The buttons should be the same under different 
devices and resolution.
Texts might be too small on mobile devices.
We'd better add page numbers for the tips.
Generally, John said that we were doing our 
best and had made a bunch of
progress since halves.

Also, we met with Kristen this afternoon. 
After discussion, we plan to use a map of
 Pittsburgh instead of United States 
so that players will not focus on the 
same map for too long. Kristen offered 
us data about the
number of children and the usage of 
fuel in Pittsburgh area, which 
is extremely useful for map three.
In terms of map two, we attempt to 
provide three different 
choices for players based on various 
relationships between 
colors and classifications.
Kristen allowed us to conduct a 
playtest at the end of 
her class on Tuesday.
We plan to bring our new questionnaire 
and get several 
students after test to collect their 
opinions orally as well.

Below is feedback from the class:

Most students like our interface.
Most students like the tips once they
clicked on it.
The story is creative.
About 70% of the students agreed that
this tool would helped them design
better maps in the future.
Most students understood the story in detail.

The icon of "tips" , which is ignored by over 60% of
the students is still not obvious.
Several students consider the story took too much 
Map design parts need to be optimized.
Some students did not like the bouncing effect 
in storytelling part.
Currently, some questions in map design part are vague.
Some colors of maps look similar to the white 
The data of map 2 and 3 was not conveyed clearly.
Anthony dropped by and helped us with the context,
which was an extra help more than we expected.
We basically have finished building the whole function
in this week.
After week 13 we will get involved in soft opening. 
Good luck ArchiTek!