Development Blog: Week 8


Week 8 for the team was focused on starting to zone in on specifics a bit in all disciplines. From an art perspective, we started honing in on iterating on specifics in terms of aesthetics. For instance, we started really looking at what we wanted the player character to look like. We have decided for simplicity that the player character should be visually completely evil. We want him to be more of a force of nature type villain to easily explain his motivations. With that being said, we started focusing on what details on the main character could make him seem more unmistakingly evil to the players. Since the plague doctor-like mask is the focal point of the character’s design, we started concepting variations of the mask to try to get the evil nature of the character across.

We also have begun further iteration on interior design of the Cathedral. We started honing in on more throne designs, and added the Altar behind the throne to further construct the area where the head of the church (final boss) will be located, seen below:



In terms of looking at design and programming, most of this week consisted of bug fixing and tweaking the interactivity of the digital prototype to get it running for testing starting in Week 9. We also began brainstorming what generic units on the Devil’s side may consist of. We are playing around with the idea of Gargoyles as they are frequently connected with evil in many stories. Overall, this week was more focused on tweaking than major changes/breakthroughs as Our Halves presentation and feedback was the main focus of the week.