Coco & Co constructive communication & collaboration


Unfortunately, games that feature text and speech for cross-player communication end up herding their players by the individual languages they speak. More often than not, success relies on strong communication, so players naturally group with people of their own spoken language. The same thing happens in the physical world…and it’s sad.

The Earth is small as it is. Why should English speakers only interact with English speakers, or Chinese speakers with other Chinese speakers? We need more cross cultural exchange! To fix this, Coco & Co is designing an online game that replaces text and speech with another form of communication…play! Play is something we universally understand as humans, so let’s use it to get the world working together.

Our game will focus on cross- cultural communication and collaboration through play, and will provide a shared space for players to discover each other, progress together, and learn about each new person they meet.

- Coco & Co