Category: Arvind

Dailies 4-20-2011

  • Created spray can texture for bat

Dailies 4-19-2011

  • Modified the body texture based on our requirements
  • Converted image datatypes
  • Placed body on the scene with programmer
  • Created new lightmaps for room which included the body

Dailies 4-18-2011

  • Attended Softs
  • Worked on body model placement

Dailies 4-15-2011

  • Created blood pool asset
  • Researched and found model for dead body.
  • Started rigging the body for placement.

Dailies 4-14-2011

  • Created and modified evidence textures
  • Unwrapped evidence objects
  • Further discussed with programmer about scene settings

Dailies 4-13-2011

  • Added ambient occlusion maps to the scene
  • Set up environment lighting in the scene with Navjot
  • Created evidence assets – blood splatter, footprint

Dailies 4-12-2011

  • Finished texturing room
  • Set up maya for baking textures overnight

Dailies 11-4-2011

  • Set up the crime scene for generating ambient occlusion maps
  • Textured about 70% of the room
  • Had team discussion and decided on all the evidence types to be found in the room

Dailies 4-7-2011

  • Modified camera movement animations further for 3rd game
  • Discussed with programmer and made more environment design decisions
  • Modeled laptop chord asset

Dailies 4-6-2011

  • Discussed with programmer and created animations for camera movement aniations for scene 3
  • Retextured bowl in fingerprinting game