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Crime Scene Analysis game intro

Fingerprinting game intro

3 Minutes Video Promo

30 Seconds Promo Videos

Ballistics Intro Vid

The intro video setting up the scenario for the Ballistics game.

Gun test firing animation

This is the gun firing animation that we are using for our game in project CSI.

Playtest 1: February 10th

We got in some early playtesting on our current prototypes for the Level 1 games.  Approximately 10 people came to playtest and gave us some valuable feedback:


  • Finding Prints is too easy
  • Add more prints to choose from
  • Highlight buttons, make them more obvious to click
  • Comparing prints is too easy
  • Too much reading/text – Maybe not appropriate for casual gamers who don’t want to spend too much time/Takes fun out of the game
  • Add more pictures in the instructions
  • User got confused on what to do after clicking on fume
  • During the opening instructions, the interface at the back is distracting
  • Interactions could be faster ( switching between fuming and lighting )


  • Mechanics aren’t very clear, maybe add instruction while playing
  • Bullet can’t be seen rotating
  • How do the users know that they have explored the whole bullet?
  • User wasn’t sure if he was doing the right (or the wrong) thing while comparing the bullets
  • Too much text, similar to matching
  • User couldn’t identify with the bullet matching screen – This was probably because the cutscene is not in yet
  • User obstructs the screen

Positive Feedback:

  • Nice look and feel
  • Nice colors
  • Look slick and is themed appropriately
  • Good start

Antonio found some evidence.

Design Meeting

Today the team covered several topics for use in our “Level 1” games including: Fingerprints, DNA, Ballistics, Blood Splatter, Time of Death, and Phone Records. After much discussion, it was determined that Blood Splatter and Time of Death push to be more complex than we wanted to have in the “Level 1” games; they will be reconsidered for the next levels. We also decided that DNA and Phone records might prove to be too simple. So, in conclusion we are going to have a Ballistics comparison game that will simulate comparing bullets under a microscope and a Fingerprint comparison game where users will match prints on evidence with print on file for suspects/victims.

Here’s some inspiration for our Ballistics game using comparison microsopes!

Client Call #1

Today, the team hosted a conference call with Dr. Henry Lee. He clarified the goals and expectations of the project. The decision was made to omit the synthetic interview portion to allow for more focus on game development. We expect there will be somewhere between 3 to 5 mini-games that will exist on 2 to 3 physical platforms! More to come following a team “design” meeting this afternoon!