Category: Navjot

Dailies 04-15-2011

Action items performed:

  • Added interactions and gameplay to 3rd game
  • Made pairs of  the evidences and collection mechanism and checking it against the categories of evidences.

Dailies 04-13-2011

Action items performed today:

  • Textures added and lighting of the scene for 3rd game
  • Promo video shoot

Dailies 04-12-2011

Action items performed today:

  • Received textures and updated models from Arvind and put them into game.
  • Working on new interaction

Dailies 04-11-2011

Action items today:

  • Made the complete HUD for 3rd game
  • Had a team meeting and discussed possible evidence and method of collection pairs

Dailies 04-08-2011

Action items performed today:

  • scene divided in to 3 parts and the 3 areas for evidence collection.
  • Dynamic field of view setting using scripts

Dailies 04-07-2011

Action items performed today:

  • Animation of camera in 3rd game using scripts
  • Set up of the scene for 3rd game

Dailies 04-01-2011

Action items performed today:

  • Added end state to the ballistics game

Dailies 03-31-2011

Action items performed:

  • Had a client meeting and discussed progress on first two games and about scenarios of third game.
  • Working on third game prototype

Dailies 03-30-2011

Action items performed:

  • Added narration to the ballistics game
  • Improvements based on feedback from play test completed.
  • Preparation for client meeting

Dailies 03-29-2011

Action items performed:

  • Traversal and scene selection prototype for 3rd game done.
  • Added more polish to ballistics game and published that game on web player.