Category: Michael

Dailies 04-18-11

Had soft presentation today. We felt confident as we presented our works. Though, there are some feedbacks we were wondering if we should go ahead make changes. Team will double check with New Haven.

Dailies 04-15-11

Soft is coming up on Monday.

Worked on the 3 minutes promo transition animation “crime scene tape”.

Dailies 04-14-11

Unfortunately, New Haven canceled our bi-weekly meeting this week.

We had meeting with Jesse yesterday to discuss how can we make all buttons and designs better.

Dailies 04-13-11

Green screen shoot today, we had fun talked about what had we done for CSI. Later at night, Sophie and I went to shoot some footages.

Dailies 04-12-11

Started the design of fingerprinting intro. Picking photos that Elaine sent us.

Dailies 04-11-11

Finished ballistic intro and passed on to Sophie.

Dailies 04-08-11

Finish picking bullet from water, re-edit entire sequences and send to Sophie for sound.

Dailies 04-07-11

Spent most of time simulating particles, started rendering before leave ETC at night.

Dailies 04-06-11

Finished place bullet to microscope sequence. Start pick bullet from water sequence.

Dailies 04-05-11

It’s BVW day for me, and it’s a long day for presentation and go through team ideas.

Started on place bullet on microscope sequence.