Category: Brandon

Dailies 3-25-11

  • Major design meeting for results on playtests
  • Made some edits to Learn More text at Navjot’s request
  • With Sophie, recorded some instructional voice-over to add another way for players to find out what to do next

Dailies 3-24-11

  • Corresponded with Elaine regarding photos
  • Wrote Learn More text for fingerprints

Dailies 3-23-11

  • Process grades
  • Playtesting, round 2
  • I spent much of the afternoon in Matthew Sakey’s seminar, and the rest of the afternoon freaking out about my impending phone interview with Insomniac.  I think I did something useful at some point, but most of the day is kind of a blur.

Dailies 3-22-11

  • Hosted guests
  • Worked on fingerprints text
  • Contacted a few people about playtesting in the future
  • Scheduled process grades
  • Received bullets from Elaine!

Dailies 3-21-11

  • Finished text for Ballistics “Learn More” buttons and gun descriptions
  • Met with the team to discuss Game 3 (Crime Scene) in greater detail
  • Started contacting people about playtests
  • Attended Anthony Daniels’ seminar to improve my mic skillz

Dailies 3-15-11

  • Worked on “Learn More” text.
  • Game design.

Dailies 3-8-11

  • Continued work on halves presentation
  • Talked with Navjot about some tweaks to the ballistics game
  • Corresponded with Elaine to receive some electronic reference material and arrange for other materials to be sent

Dailies 3-7-11

  • Corresponded with Elaine on several topics, including transferring resources to us and hardware recommendations
  • Refined Halves presentation outline with Andrew
  • Worked up a rough draft of our halves PowerPoint presentation

Dailies 2-25-11

  • Researched scenario details
  • Talked with Sophie about sound effects for Michael’s test fire animation
  • With Michael, performed a connection test with Joe Sudol to prepare for the video conference planned for next week.  We should be able to connect through the machine in the library just fine using the Polycom software on that machine.

Dailies 2-24-11

  • Process grades
  • Game design