Category: Arvind

Dailies 4-5-2011

  • Started texture work on room assets
  • unwrapped several assets in the room

Dailies 4-4-2011

  • Had adviser meeting followed by a detailed team meeting
  • Decided on the scenario of the crime and the specific evidence to be recovered
  • Created more assets for room

Dailies 4-1-2011

  • Assembled the assets into the room
  • started with basic room design
  • Created a bowl model and textured it as a replacement for the paper on clipboard – suggested by the client

Dailies 3-31-2011

  • Collected all required assets for the third game
  • Formatted the assets according to the requirements

Dailies 3-30-2011

  • Researched on importing egg files into maya
  • Gathered assets from sources

Dailies 3-29-2011

  • Researched google for room space layout

Dailies 3-28-2011

  • Finished modeling placeholder room and passed it on to programmer
  • Started gathering models for the room

Dailies 3-25-2010

  • Had detailed team discussion over playtesting feedback
  • Retextured baseball bat

Dailies 3/23/2011

  • Created brush texture(diffuse , normals) and animations
  • Worked with programmer on scene lighting and setup
  • Partially textured the microscope

Dailies 03-22-2011

  • Modeled textured and animated fingerprinting tape
  • Unwrapped microscope model
  • Worked on unity to update some assets in the ballistics scene

Will finish texturing assets tomorrow