Category: Arvind

Dailies 3-21-2011

  • Had team meeting regarding third game
  • Had faculty adviser meeting
  • Finished modeling comparison microscope
  • finished modeling brush

Will texture these assets tomorrow

Dailies 03-18-2011

  • Worked with Jungsuk on placing the objects on the prints scene
  • Discussed about third game with team
  • Attended halves.
  • Started modeling the comparison microscope

Dailies 03-17-2011

  • Finished unwrapping and texturing baseball bat
  • Finished modeling unwrapping and texturing receipt paper for prints scene
  • modified clipboard asset of ballistics scene

Tomorrow, I plan to place the objects in the prints scene with the programmer

Dailies 3-16-2011

  • Attended halves
  • Created baseball bat, which will replace the hammer as per clients recommendation

Dailies 03-15-2011

Break Work

  • Created key chain model
  • worked with programmer on placement


  • Unwrapped hammer
  • created ambient occlusion texture set for model

Dailies 2-25-2011

  • Modeled hammer as part of the prints scene
  • Will be out for GDC the whole of next week

Dailies 2-24-2011

  • Imported Assets into scene.
  • Discussed with programmer about scene interaction and layout
  • Generated animation for the scene

Dailies 23-2-2011

  • Textured Fuming chamber
  • Textured Other prints scene elements – background wall and table
  • Rigged fuming chamber door case

Plan to import assets into scene tomorrow and generate animation

Dailies 2-22-2011

  • Unwrapped Prints scene, including, table, fuming chamber and wall.
  • Successfully experimented the generation of ambient occlusion texture maps for the scene. Though the process takes more time, it will enhance the realism of the 3D environment

Plan to finish texturing the environment and creating a rig for animation tomorrow

Dailies 2-21-2011

  • Modeled Fuming Chamber
  • Modeled new environment for ballistics game