Category: Arvind

Dailies 02-18-11

  • Worked on placing notepad on scene
  • Worked on unity, updated assets and scene lighting
  • Modified gun model

Dailies 2-17-2011

  • Worked on scene lighting, reflection and effects on ballistics scene
  • Implemented shadows in scene with programmer
  • Had a meeting discussing about new haven trip and future scope of project
  • Textured clipboard asset

Dailies 2-16-2011

  • Modeled and unwrapped clipboard asset

Dailies 2-15-2011

  • Generated cube maps to facilitate reflective surface on gun
  • Modified the gun texture further for reflection
  • Coordinated with programmer for lighting and reflections on gun surface

Dailies 2-14-2011

  • Modeled and textured Prints background asset
  • Textured diffuse and glow maps for UV lamp
  • Worked with programmer on lighting of the prints scene

Dailies 10-2-2011

  • Modeled, unwrapped and textured test tube model
  • Modeled, unwrapped and textured test tube rack model
  • Conducted several playtests through the day and interviewed testers

Dailies 2-9-2011

  • Finished modeling and unwrapping suspended UV lamp
  • Activated unity and set up asset server on my computer

Plan to finish texturing and modeling more assets tomorrow

Dailies 2-8-11

  • Modeled a new asset :¬† Magnifying lamp

Dailies 2-7-11

  • Modified¬† Gun model for Interface
  • Created two new texture sets for the gun model, one more remains

Dailies 2-4-11

  • Visited Calgon Carbon
  • Analyzed the working environment of a professional chemical lab and related it to a crime lab situation
  • Took several reference pictures for modeling assets