Important events/things:

Preparation for 1/4 walkaround

Meeting with RCI Clients

Prototype building

Metrics matrix


Building our first prototype:

The week started by preparing for the quarters walk around. We decided on having the following options in our first prototype:

A rectangle block of Graham St and Centre Avenue.

Option to switch lanes between two and four

Basic models of the corridor

Basic ambient sounds

Weather change from sunny to rainy

We built our prototype and had it play tested with instructors and other faculty members. One of the feedbacks we got was that the scene lacked greenery. So, we made sure to add some trees to the environment. Then we worked on implementing other minor changes regarding the scale.

Meeting with the instructors:

After having the prototype built, we discussed with our instructors about how we should be preparing ourselves for the quarters. We were given few instructions on how to present and what to present. Based of that, we came up with our metrics matrix and schedule.


Meeting with the RCI clients:

Towards the end of the week, we had a meeting with our RCI clients. After being impressed by the progress we have made so far, they spoke about additional requirements for them from the project. That followed by us explaining the scope and time frame to them. We ended the week by discussing the additional features that we are planning to add in our project.