Important Events:

Quarters Walk around

Faculty Sitdown

Proposals for the clients

Prototype Building

Quarters Walk around: For the quarters walkaround we presented the faculty with our first demo and shared details about the additional client requirements, project scope, art pipeline, schedule, metrics matrix and challenges.

Though our demo was appreciated, we had many feedbacks saying that we are not clear on our client requirements. About the challenges, we had mentioned about data importing from different softwares for which we got useful feedbacks like, explainations how it is out of the scope.

We also got feedback on how we could better our prototype by adding more realistic textures and adding a sense of specificity of the area.

Faculty Sitdown: We had two faculty sitdowns by Ricardo and Dave. It started with Ricardo first. We asked them about their initial opinion on our project, art, challenges and information on scoping down our project. Ricardo gave us feedback on our proposals and also gave us information on a software that the artists can use to generate realistic textures to the buildings.  Dave gave us very good suggestions on how we should be handling our meetings with the clients and also spoke to us on what all points we should be including in our proposals.

Proposals for the Clients: After a lot of discussions and team meetings, we as a team came up with 4 proposals of which we present two to the clients.

Prototype: We added the detailed models of the building in the intersection we chose for our prototype. Apart from that, we also added rain, other components like trash can, fire hydrants etc into the scene.