What is Face-2-Face?

A transformational 
game that uses AR and facial recognition to bring people closer together

Team Face-2-Face is building, in collaboration with Professor Katherine Isbister and the Social Emotional Technology Lab at the University of California, Santa Cruz, a transformational mobile game that uses the facial tracking capabilities of ARKit to help people feel more comfortable in social situations.

Our Team

We are a team of 5 extremely passionate people who love to create interactive, appealing, and meaningful experiences.

Liam Philiben

Interaction Designer & Producer

Liam is a virtual interaction designer with a background in cinema and media studies and transmedia game design. On Face-2-Face, he will be working as both an interaction designer and as the producer for the project.

Ashley Liang

Gameplay Programmer

Ashley is a game programmer with a strong passion for VR and AR, whose interests lie at the intersection of technology and art. On Face-2-Face, she will be working as one of two programmers on the team.

Chang Liu

Gameplay Programmer

Chang is a programmer with a strong background in web development, game development, and AR/VR technology. On Face-2-Face, he will be working as one of two programmers on the team.

Yoli Shen

Designer & Concept Artist

Yoli is an artist with a background in concept art and environmental design. On Face-2-Face, she will be acting as our resident game design, art, and programming liaison, helping out in any of those departments when the need arises.

Freya Li

Game Designer & 3D Artist

 Freya is a designer and 3d artist on the team who helps with game and experience design and 3d assets. She likes to use game design to meet the transformational goals. On Face-2-Face, she will be working as the main designer and the artist.

Latest news from our blog

Welcome to our blog! We will be posting weekly updates regarding our project as we explore exciting things throughout the semester.

The day has finally arrived! Soft Opening was this week, and while we definitely can breathe easy for Thanksgiving break, we still have some work to do before Festival next week. The Work this Week Our week was primarily dominated by softs this week, especially since […]
Work for week 13 In this week, we refined our prototype and discussed with client about what material we can prepare for her to best server her original goal. Generally speaking, our final delivery package will include the following items: the prototype app, design document in […]
The Work this Week From the end of last week, we started modifying our game mechanics. We changed the Simon rhythm memory game into competitive A-B following game.  After finishing a rough version of the prototype, we held an Etc playtest. We have limited number of […]

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