The Work this Week

From our halves, we got positive feedback towards our core design method.We decide to do a new round of pitch around this core mechanism.

1 Music Facial Game :

Core Game Mechanism: 

Two-player memory collaboration AR mobile game. Two players need to sit together facing the front camera of a mobile device (like taking a selfie). By using movements of different parts of their faces (eyebrows, noses, chins, mouths…), they need to match the highlight parts on their face on the screen. System will give a sequence at first, then players need to redo the same sequence one by one. At the same time, if they do the right movements, there will accordingly generate a sound. As a result, if they work together to make a right sequence, there will be a nice music generated by the system.

2 Facial airplane co-op game: 

Two-player collaboration facial AR mobile game. Two players need to work together to control a plane in the middle of their faces. Using their eyebrows to control the direction of the plane to avoid crashing blocks ahead in the sky . Winking eyes can fire to the enemies following the plane. Open their mouths together can turn on the engine on the end of the plane and speed up the plane. The goal is to let the plane fly as far as it can.

3 infinite runner-ish multiplayer game

–        Two players march their face in front of the camera

–       One player using his/her face to control the little character to run, jump, dodge, etc.

–       Another player will use his/her face to control the obstacles, like the height, moving rhythm, to help the first player to run as far as he/she can.

4 competitive and cooperative game

–       Two players march their face in front of the camera

–        They use their eye and eye bow to shoot an arrow or dodge the arrow from the other player

–        At the same time, water comes from the bottom of the screen. When water hit a certain point, they need to open their mouth together to let the water go down again.

–       The one who shoot the other player first, win the game

5 Chicken travel game:

–       1 There is a chicken running around through the matched face. 

–       2 The two players need to do three things together to prepare the chicken for a trip: taking shower, taking sunshine and eat food.

–       3 When they raise their eyebrows together, the area under the eyes will be lit up by blue color. When the chicken is walking inside of the blue area, we consider it taking a shower successfully.

–       4 When the two players blink their eyes together, there will be sun coming out of the eye and light up forehead area. When the chicken stayed inside of the yellow area for a certain time, we consider the chicken already taken sunshine.

–       5 When the two players puff their cheeks together, grass will show on top of their cheeks. The chicken needs to eat the grass before it disappears.

–       6 After the chicken finishes three tasks, it can pack up the luggage and goes on a new trip.

Client gave us positive feedback towards all those ideas but at the same time she raises concerns about the how deep we can reach our transformational goal and the realization about our ideas.

She wanted us to use our design goals to form our game which may include those aspects:

  • Is it making the person attuned to the other person’s face, and is it a pleasurable social interaction
    • Does the game emphasis on social interaction

She also express her ideas towards game design:

  • don’t focus on making hard core mechanics
    • fun over intense

Also we talked about the transformational goal from the perspective of playtest.

  • how much time they thought they looked at the other person’s face?
  • how aware they were of the other person’s expressions?
  • how close did they feel to their collaborator (before and after)?
  • how well did you think you could read your partner’s facial expressions (before and after)?
  • all of the above are on Likert scales
  • will find more testing data after the meeting

Plans for Next Week

We have talked over our ideas from a practical point of view.

For next week, we will modify our prototype and produce a new version to playtest.


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