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Newsletter – Week 9 – “Production Updates”

Production Continues Over the past two weeks a lot of work has been done on the project. We have developed a working prototype and conducted an initial round of playtesting. In addition, significant work has gone into the backend with … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 7 – “Production Updates”

This Week’s Client Meeting Week seven started with our weekly client meeting during which we presented a revised prototype. While similar in appearance to the previous, significant under the hood changes have ocurred–recoding major components to be more extensible. This … Continue reading

Our Travels to Detroit

On the first week of the team travelled to Detroit to meet our clients in person and to tour a General Motors final assembly facility.  This was an insightful visit and gave us all our first exposure to the industrial … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 6 – “Production Updates”

Prototype Presentation Week six started with our weekly client meeting and a presentation to them of our close to final design idea. It also included a brief demonstration of a prototype layout walk-around we created using project SIGMA’s codebase. Finally, … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 5 – “Quarterly Review”

Feedback from Quarters Week five kicked off with a flurry of activity in advance of quarter presentations. Our Monday critiques went well as we presented a general outline of what we sought to do as well as a more specific … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 4 – “Scope At Last”

A Narrowed Scope Week four was a productive one with our team’s branding coming together and a more solid idea for our project finally falling into place. We have communicated a number of ideas to our client and have been … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 3 – “To the Motor City…”

Preparation Week three continued our process of determining the best way to approach the project. Our client phone meeting revealed a few more details and avenues for us to pursue and consider. It also emphasized our internal concerns about the … Continue reading

Newsletter – Week 2 – “Brainstorming”

A Big Week Week two kicked off with our first client meeting. Now scheduled every Tuesday at 9 am, we talked with our cli- ent representatives, Ron Lesperance and Robert Tilove. Predictably, our discussion revolved around what they want and … Continue reading


Welcome to the home of Team Factomo! In the coming weeks you will find new updates posted on this page.  Feel free to browse around and find out more about the project.

Newsletter – Week 1 – “Off We Go”

Welcome! Our first week has mostly consisted of getting our bearings and understanding the goals and successes of project Sigma. We have begun to review the game design documentation this team produced and look forward to building on top of … Continue reading