Newsletter – Week 9 – “Production Updates”

Production Continues

Over the past two weeks a lot of work has been done on the project. We have developed a working prototype and conducted an initial round of playtesting. In addition, significant work has gone into the backend with the game login and web management interfaces nearing completion. During this time we also revised our work schedule, cutting a few features and narrowing scope. As we approach our half presentations we are on schedule.

Working Prototype and Playtest

Gameplay has been worked on extensively, debugging some problem areas and ensuring all animations are playing as intended. Some functionality has also been added, with players now able to change machine functions and their positions in all directions. Players are also able to delete a machine. The game is also now able to track the player’s budget and operating costs. Finally, part precedence is now being checked by the game. Modeling work has continued on our male and female characters, reducing their poly count as well as working on rigging and animation. The web interface for user management and viewing game statistics is also nearing completion, with its database now fully integrated into the login screen of the game. We were also able to conduct a playtest from which we gained valuable feedback. This information will be used to prioritize upcoming features.

Preparation for Half Presentations

Preparation for our presentation continues with our physical presentation nearly complete. We are scheduled to present on Wednesday afternoon and will be rehearsing before then. Overall, we are on schedule and pleased with what we have to present.

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