Newsletter – Week 10 – “Half Presentations”

It was half presentation week at the ETC and Team Factomo spent much of the week preparing for ours on Wednesday. Rehearsing and revising the presentation was a highly iterative process and as a result the presentation went well. We feel it was well received by the faculty and we look forward to their future suggestions.

During the presentation, we were able to describe for our audience, many of whom were unfamiliar with it, the scope of the project. We were able to define its value and potential target audiences as well as what we aim to accomplish this semester. To do this we outlined what we have done so far and some game design specifics that we are currently working on. We also offered a gameplay demo. We discussed the client requirements for the project and to what degree the player would be able to address these. Finally, by discussing our challenges in this project we were able to show how we were able to address the scale of the project and devise a schedule for the rest of the semester.

Client Meeting

On Tuesday, we had a chance to run through our presentation with our client as well as show them the gameplay demo. Having not met with them for two weeks it was good to touch base with them. Feedback was generally positive and they support our efforts to continue to add more features.

Work Continues

With our game design pretty thoroughly solidified at this point we are now at the stage of adding features to our game. As a result of some playtest feedback we are immediately focusing in on user-interface work as well as continuing work on integrating the backend server into gameplay.

Download PDF version

Download Half Presentation (pptx)

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