Our First Playtest

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to share our prototype with some EA executives and ETC classmates. Our goals were to determine what was currently impacting playability, what could be done about it, and in general, what the players’ impressions of the game were. Feedback was generally positive, commenting on the improvements in playability and complexity made over SIGMA. Players were also impressed by the models being used in the game. However, there were some concerns over user interface design. As a result of this, we have made this a high priority item and began work addressing it immediately.

We shared this information with the faculty during our half presentation.  More information can be found in our Week 10 newsletter.

We had a wide variety of players sample the prototype, including previous team SIGMA members, students with some familiarity with the game, and students with limited familiarity.  We look forward to future playtests and what our guests think of the experience as we continue to build in more features.

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