Newsletter – Week 11 – “Work Continues”

Working Toward Completion

With our half presentations officially history, we renewed our efforts and continued to work on our project. This week, work on a wide variety of areas began or was continued. We now have what we feel is a solid user interface template, addressing a large concern of ours, which will be run through a playtest very shortly. Implementing a UI using Unity’s plane feature is currently being investigated by one of our programmers as well.

Inside the game itself, two of our programmers have worked on polishing bugs that existed in the latest prototype, including ensuring machines always face the proper direction and detect placement obstacles. Additionally, the alternative path strategy, as mentioned in our half presentation, has now been implemented and is a feature now available to players. Integrating gameplay into the backend database has also continued with code being cleaned, revised, and merged.

On the aesthetic side, work is now completed on the vehicle model with it having been passed on for texturing. Our male and female operator models have been more thoroughly polished and some demo tutorial videos have been made for inclusion into the upcoming UI. Audio work officially kicked off this week as well with a guideline music soundtrack having been produced along with overhead warning chimes to alert players of an error.

Client Meeting

This week’s client meeting was brief but useful. In it we were able to discuss some minor game changes as well as some new machine textures. Afterward, we have been in touch with our client to discuss machine cost to best create a system that can accurately reflect reality. Next week we seek to outline for our client the exact extent of work we expect to have completed.

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