Week 12

MoralityPlay_Newsletter Week 12


THIS WEEK (4/8/13 – 4/12/13)


We have Have chosen to use flash as our main platform for our experience.  This is mainly due to the fact that we have must of that version of the website completed and will be easier to implement the assets and any necessary changes after our playtests.


Playtests have been set up over the weekend so that we can make any last minute changes to the design.  The playtesters will provide the necessary data that will make our project better and more informative.

Gabe Morgan Interview

We met with Gabe Morgan, the Vice President of the PA chapter of the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.  Mr. Morgan’s answers to our questions provided incredibly useful figures and inside knowledge that come from his unique perspective on the matter of economic inequality.  We are extremely grateful for his cooperation and participation in our project.


We are currently editing the footage from Mr. Morgan’s interview and integrating it with our project. On top of this, we are putting together our promo videos, one being 30 seconds long while the other will be 3 minutes long.  These promos will show off what we have been able to accomplish this semester and what we hope to have ready for finals.

NEXT WEEK (4/15/13 – 4/19/13)

We have work to do this upcoming week to make sure that we have everything ready to show.  We have a last minute interview with a conservative economist on main campus named Dr. Allan Meltzer.  His perspective on the issue at hand will bring much needed balance to our project.  This will happen on Friday, so that weekend will be quite busy.  We also have a playtest during the week to see how students interact and enjoy the product.  With hard work and determination, we will get this project done and done well.

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